Do You Want To Start Affiliate Marketing? I’ll Show You How!

The internet became a place where people can make some extra cash (or just general cash) but they just don’t know how to get started. Some wants to supplement their regular income, and some wants to replace their income entirely by starting an online business. One of the quickest ways of doing so is by starting an affiliate marketing business, whether you already have a business or not. If you already have one this is a way of adding some extra cash to it.

This is different from making money with ads on your website, it is not as easy as that. But it’s simple to do so and generates more potential profit than just putting ads on your page.  When you are affiliated you don’t need to have a website, blog or any product of your own. You’re only going to need to follow a few light steps to start getting commissions. If you are going to analyze all the ways you get to make money online, you’ll find this is one of the easiest and fastest way to do so. I honestly think is a must on every online business owner’s portfolio.

How to work in Affiliate Marketing

No matter the niche you choose, the formula for affiliate marketing it is almost the same for all of them, it remains relatively constant. The main task that you are going to work with is to generate all the traffic, which most of the time requires some money to get started, but if you don’t have any or if you just don’t want to invest for now you can always find ways to get free traffic to your website/blog/social media, etc.

However, if you got the money, I suggest you to invest on it, by doing so you can drive traffic even faster with paid ads methods. Free traffic is great because you don’t have to spend any of your money on it, but once you have enough money is better if you start using paid ads to grow your business quickly.

Copywriting For Affiliate Marketing

Another important ability for online marketer is good copywriting (or writing good advertising sales copy – for newbies haha). The good news here, is that when it comes to affiliate marketing most of the time this is going be done for you because many sellers offers  advertising copy for you to use. They’ll give you the banner ads to display, the emails to send and even social media posts. This is a win/win kind of situation, because the more materials that vendors give their affiliates the better changes an affiliate has to make sales for them.

So, now that you know a little bit about this amazing world, I brought to you five critical steps necessary for you to launch your profitable affiliate marketing business quickly and easily.

Firsts Steps in Affiliate Marketing

First things first, you need to do some research and select the right affiliate products. If you are new on this, I suggest you pick a niche that you have some knowledge about it but, more importantly, choose one that you can make online money and has a lot of product vendors, this is the best strategy you can use. Once you do that, you’ll have a vast selection of products to offer your online community, but if you are starting now the best thing for you to do is pick 2 or 3 products maximum. By doing so, you will have the time to really get to know them, becoming an expert on the material you are promoting, and this can be very handy when it comes to sell them, for example, you can write products reviews.

When you are already familiar with the whole process, you can consider picking all kind of niche, both specialized and broad. You also got to remember to track your marketing metrics, which are usually offered by your affiliate network/merchant.

By doing so, you can analyze what is working and what it isn’t, so you don’t waste anymore of your time and money on what’s not generating capital. This is a must for those of you who choose investing in paid advertising to drive traffic.

After, all you have to do is continually monitor the marketplace for new products that are becoming popular, write reviews and test promoting them.

Affiliate Network

To sell your products you need to choose the right affiliate network. You have to really to think straight on this, the fit must be right between you and the merchant once they are going to benefit from your efforts as well, or simple won’t work as it should.

There are many affiliate networks out there that you can choose and some of them are even tied with well-known companies like Amazon, Apple and Google.

One of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks that exist is ClickBank, you probably heard of it before. It is specialized in digital products such as softwares, eBooks and membership sites.

 I think that nowadays digital products is the way to go, you should definitely consider this. They offer much higher commissions (10-75{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529}) than physical products (under 5{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529}). Also, you are probably going to make more money out of them because it’s easier to sell in many cases. This happens because people can get instant access and immediate gratification when buying a digital product. itself is another network that you should take into consideration. Any physical product you can think of is probably being sold in Amazon. Selling products in there as an affiliate can bring much higher volume business because most people trust Amazon as a merchant, making it easier to sell products as an affiliate, but the commissions are lower.

On the other hand, a network is not your only option, you can work with a company or individual directly as an affiliate. You can apply to their own affiliate program to promote their services and materials. If they don’t offer this kind of program, you can always reach out to them to try to work as a private deal.

Buy the Product Before Promoting It

Another tip I’m going to give to you is to buy the product before promoting it. Most people don’t trust reviews where people say they don’t own the material themselves. Of course that as a new affiliate marketer, you don’t have to purchase every single one of them.  However, this is a very good way to gain trust and credibility from your clients and writing product reviews is the best way to go here.

The easiest product to write reviews about are eBooks or another type of information product, once they are relatively not expensive at all. You can also buy higher-end products and write about them once you already established some steady income. You can get in touch with the product creator to work out a strategic marketing plan. This will take you to the next level, for sure.

Sharing personal experiences and case studies are even better for getting your client’s trust and build up your audience, but remember this is only valid if you really see any results from using that product. As you have more subscribers and buyers to your list, the companies may even OFFER you free samples of their products for you to sell.

The Importance of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, social media are vital for viral marketing. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and so many others are great vehicles. If you need to pick one, I would suggest video marketing because is a great way to demonstrate your expertise via screenshots, commentary and live demonstrations if necessary.

I would say that YouTube is a long-term approach, so for starters you could go with Facebook Lives. Also, keep in mind that there are influential ways to use paid advertising on social media to reach your audience and drive that traffic back to your site or your affiliate offers.

“Pretty” Links

You should also consider using redirect / “pretty” links. This is not mandatory, there are a lot of affiliate marketers who feel this is an unnecessary step, but others really enjoy it. If you are going to use it, make sure they look short and nice, because people feel more comfortable on clicking in them than on long and ugly ones. In my opinion, one of the best plugins for making links look “nicer” is the Pretty Links WordPress plugin.

But the bottom line here is that whether you a newbie or an oldie, affiliate marketing is going to be GREAT for your business, helping you generate more income than usual. It doesn’t take much effort either, you only need to recommend relevant material or services to people who are looking for them.

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