Is 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan Enough to Lose Weight?

One of the most powerful and effective ways to shed extra fats from the body is the Keto diet. Although it only came popular more recently, this is not a newly found diet plan. This happened because people already tried and were able to get the result they needed from the Custom Keto Diet Plan by Rachel Robert, transforming their lives. This system is different form any other regular or random keto plan or weight loss diet.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

Keto is a process which triggers ketosis in the body. This will send signals to break down de ketones (stored fat) and use it as fuel. Generally, our organism uses carbohydrates to generate energy and stores fat for later use. However, we consume carbs excessively daily, so fat is poorly used as fuel, increasing your weight as it lays there accumulating day by day. This ketogenic diet (keto diet) aids your body to reach ketosis as fast as usual. In comparison to the low-fat-diet, this high-fat food option is efficient and provides you quick weight loss and better metabolism.

Why Can’t I Make My Own Plan?

Most of the people who start a keto diet tend to fail because they don’t have a proper plan to follow, over 90{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} already did that. Keto is a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet. We usually eat high carb and low-fat type of food because that is what is generally available to us. We do need carb, protein and fat, BUT we must consume it according to the needs of our organism so it can trigger ketosis properly. Custom Keto diet by Rachel Robert is the proper one because involves measured quantity of daily carb, protein and fat intake.

How Does Customized Keto Diet Help With Ketosis?

Rachel Robert’s custom keto diet allows every person to have their own specific personal keto plan, according to body type and needs. It takes under consideration food preferences, calorie consumption, daily activities, weight and fat loss targets, making possible to people have a composite plan with them.

What is a Custom Keto Diet?

It is a management system according to reviews and will help you have a personalized plan created just for you and your body type. The process starts with a short quiz provided by the system, which will create an 8-week keto diet plan effectively proved by scientific researches and studies.

Studies have shown that many people make a lot of mistakes when managing their weight and diet plans. To achieve their unrealistic goals, they end up cutting meals, making CRAZY food choices that are not healthy at all and held soda responsible for all costs. The truth is that if the diet cuts out fat or carbs, as do the extreme plans, it will cause damage to the body and health in general, without bringing any benefits along.

How Does The Custom Keto Diet Work?

It is really simple but it’s not a conventional meal plan idea at all. Also, it is not generic, it has its exclusivities, making it not valid to every single person out there. The process is divided in a few steps, as all systematic procedures do. With them, you will be able to generate a custom meal plan for you. As said before, it all starts with a quiz with very simple questions.

Step One – First, it is necessary to get the essential information and evaluate the basic plan for the users. So, the individual will fill up a questionnaire by answering critical questions about their current food preferences, health and future goals. The answers must be as accurate as possible.

Step two – Based on the answers from the step before, the system will scientifically generate an eight weeks meal plan. BUT REMEMBER: it is just suitable for one person, as it is an exclusive plan.

Step three – after paying for the service, the user will be able to access the meal plan and get started anytime.

Also, the user needs to keep in mind that this keto plan can do wanders to your body. However, it requires to enter the current answers that are realistic and follow the plan as genuinely as possible.

What Will You Receive In The 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

The program comes with a list of recipes and a few instructions but is not only that. The user will receive a comprehensive manual of action, which is a PDF created by the expertise of certified trainers and professionals as nutritionists and chefs. 

The meal plan allows to manage the calories and micronutrients, leading you to achieve your goals. Additionally, there will be an extensive food option, helping you control whatever craving you may have. These options will be according to your preferences (that’s why you need to be as honest as possible while answering the questions), making it easier for you to get started.

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But the plan doesn’t come only with your preferences, it will also have step-by-step instructions for you to prepare the meal, needing only a few cooking skills. The grocery list (that comes also with the quantity measures) will help you when is time to go to the market, allowing you to have the required items weekly (not overstock), so you don’t have to rush every time.

There is a complete balance of nutrition, calories, and your taste buds needs so you will be able to get rid of the fats as quickly as human possible while having fun.

Benefits Of Custom Keto Diet Plan

The custom plan carries lots of incredible benefits. It’s very different from any other regular meal plan that you can find out there, once it is essentially designed for only you and your body needs, allowing you to reach ketosis process a lot more quickly and effectively.

1 – Personalized and Exclusive

The meal plan it is designed for you only. You won’t be paying for a regular stuff. In usual, the meal plans that you find online are a blind spot, whether it works or not. This one will absolutely work for you because it will be created with everything that you need.

2 – Involves research

Behind everything that the user gets, research and scientific approaches have been done to come up with a real meal plan that works. It is not computer-generated. Involves a complete calculation of carbs, fats, calories and other nutrients in daily intake that makes it really useful.

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3 – Safe and effective

If there is one thing that is cleared here is its efficiency and safety. All the ingredients and compounds are carefully planned and placedday by day, so there are no chances of any side effects or reactions.

4 – It is designed by experts

Naturally, in person you can’t access all these professionals and have a meal plan created for you. The process consists going to a nutritionist, personal trainer and chef, which will cost a lot more. By tacking this approach, you will be able to access eBooks about custom keto diet by these experts with a fair price (a lot lower than if you went to every single one of them in person)


The 8-week custom keto diet is a specific plan that anyone can use to effectively lose weight. It works best for those who are just tired of trying multiple diet plan and getting nowhere with them.  It comes from the professionals with a complete research background. The meal plan is exclusive. The only important thing is being 100{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} honest with you and initiates your best custom keto diet plan for weight loss today.