Keto Diet: The Diet That Helps You Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting – a Method That Has Been Working For Everyone

Keto Diet

Usually, all keto diet plans are known to involve a lot of tracking of your macro nutrients and calorie counting so you may be able to lose weight. For making this journey easier and faster there is a different approach called “dirty” or “lazy” keto.

If you ever looked up for any kind of weight loss plans you’ve noticed that every single one of them comes with effort, whether it’s reducing the size of your portions, cooking up recipes that you’re familiar with or even upping your fitness game. Over the last few years, the keto diet plan has grown some popularity because it requires the user to be very aware of what they’re eating and working out the math’s of what they put onto their plate. Cheerfully, there’s an alternative capable of helping you reach your goals while putting an end to the stress.

New Ketogenic or Keto Diet

In the new ketogenic or keto diet all you must do is eat higher fat content than protein while cutting back the carbs.  Although it’s sounds simple and effortless, it actually requires all the users to track their macros and workout a specific percentage of their food intake.

It usually means you must follow a meal plan designed so you could get 70-75{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} of your calories out of fat, little as 5-10{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} from carbs and finally 20{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} from protein, combination that allows you to help the body to go into “ketosis”, where it will begin to burn fat for energy – helping you to lose weight. The ketogenic diet introduces a new formula that differs it from the others low-carb plans such as Atkins.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of time for you to able to track the exact number of calories you’re consuming plus know deeply the food composition. Because of this, some people have come up with the “lazy keto plan”, which involves the same high-fat nutrients while tracking just the carbs that you’re eating. In this way, you’re only focusing on one of the numbers and not all of them, making it a little bit easier to follow, once it doesn’t take much energy and time of your day.

In this version, users simply need to aim for 5{6fd5cb78b5e4646521660ce4c812fed12472237ca167065a5d93c51756f50529} of their daily calories coming from carbs, which is about 20 grams. The rest of your calories will be taken from high-fat nutrients and protein, always remembering to ingest more fat than the others. Testimonies from users confirm the success of the “lazy keto plan”, with one mother of twins telling Women’s Health that she lost almost 150 pounds.

Keto Diet

Also, Kimberly Powell, whose Instagram handle is @loving_lessofme_more, now has over 300,000 followers having shared her keto diet hacks. Now she shares body positivity posts plus talks about the good that the journey brought into her life.

If you look up the lazy keto hashtag you will see lots and lots of posts as people continue to share their results, including before and after photos, recipes and tips all along. Some of them even publish what are they eating to keep carbs at minimum, such as coconut pancakes.

Atkins diet vs Lazy Plan

Some professionals are saying that Atkins diet and the Lazy Keto Plan is not really that different, the last one is more like and adaptation of the first one. Other experts warn the high-fat plan may not suit everybody and could bring dangerous side effects.

Any keto diet has the goal of ketosis which is proven to be hard to maintain but also necessary if you want to see the results. Any person out there who is looking to get started on a new weight loss diet should consult a specialist such as doctors or dietitian before anything once it could be not the right thing for them to do.

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