Have You Ever Thought Of Making Money From Home? Discover How!


If you’re seeking ways to make extra cash during social distancing or you’re just curious about how you could be making money from home – HB has launched “Home Love”which is a series of daily ideas and tips that turns every single moment in your home a hundred more times more productive!

If they say “Chase the money!” then you know what you got to do, or at least you should’ve known. Instead, they keep from mentioning that this can happen exactly from the comfort of your own home.

As much as it can’t be transformed into full time job, a little extra cash is always welcome, am I right? I put down below a few easy and quick ways that can help you earn a little money to spare in your next Target run!

1 – Test Out New Websites

yes, you can get extra cash by just doing this. The platform is usually used called “UserTesting” and you can test new web or even mobile sites from top brands such as Facebook, CBS, Wayfair and so much more on it. After that you are just going to answer a few questions providing quality feedback and recommendations to the brand, helping them get insights on new projects!

2 – You Can Making Money From Home Do Online Surveys

this one works for those of you who have a lot of time and options on your hands, you can fill out lots of online surveys. In exchange for you feedback, there are various sites and apps that will pay you in cash or gift cards, such as: Toluna, Survey Junkie, and SwagBucks.

If you love print magazines, I can recommend you Rewards Survey, which I personally used. It offers participants free magazine subscriptions in exchange for their opinions.

The Google Opinions Rewards app is also a really good option to have on your phone, they warn you every time a new survey is available, it has 10 question maximum, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to complete it. The good thing here is that you can transfer the money to your PayPal account as soon as you hit $2 (there’s others out there where it’s $10 or $20).

3 – Rent Or Sell Your Clothes

there is a lot of online marketplaces where you can sell your clothes, and Poshmark is one of them. You simply need to snap a few photos of the pieces that you are going to offer the clients, set a price, fill in some details and hope for a buyer.

The best part is, you don’t have to pay to ship the item to the buyer. It’s like having your own little storefront of used clothes. But selling is not your only option, you can also rent them.

The StyleLend platform must approve each item you submit for rental, its standards are high, but once you get an item approved, you’ll earn 80 percent of the price if someone decides to rent it.

4 – You can Making Money From Home Tracking Your Health And Physical Activity

Achievement is a fitness and health app that rewards users in points for activities such as meditating, walking, answering questions about yourself and logging in meals. You can transform those points into PayPal cash or donate it to charities. This is very useful if you stick to a fitness routine and make some small but worthwhile financial gains.

5 – You Can Making Money From Home Renting Your Bikes

If you’re not using your bikes right now, someone could be, and you could be making money out of it by renting them. Spinlister is the platform to do that! You can make extra cash by dividing your wheels with enthusiasts, racers and travelers.

As users decide what days and times they want to book their ride you can call it an Airbnb for bikes. This is not only applicable to bikes, you can rent out snowboards, skis and surfboards as well.

6 – Transcribe Interviews Or Help Translate

if you have deep knowledge in any foreign language this tip is for you. People can pay you for this ability!! Rev is a closed captioning, transcription and subtitles service and in order to do that, they need people to help with the translate content in foreign language and/or transcribe interviews.

It’s a freelance community and you can apply anytime!! The advantage of this is that you pick jobs on your schedule only. There is another platform called TranscribeMe! that guarantees its translators $15 to $22 pay per audio hour.

7 – Scan Your Receipts To Unlock Savings

If a price goes down on an item you acquired recently, you can almost every time get a refund of the difference – as long as the receipt is still valid. But it can be a little bit hard and tedious to keep checking prices to see if they’ve fallen.

Luckily, there is an app that can do this for you: Paribus from Capital One monitors price changes on items you bought so you won’t lose your precious time doing it. You only need to scan your receipts to the app that will notify you if potential savings are detected.


While the app cannot give you back the money, it can file a claim for you with the retailer. Paribus works with big name retailers like Target, Home Depot, Gap, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

8 – You can Making Money From Home Selling Your Photos

if you know how to take a photo this one is for you. If you are a photographer you probably have a collection lying around somewhere, right? You can try sell this snaps as stock photos on Shutterstock (professional camera).  

If you take amazing pictures with your phone only, you can sell them too on Foap, this one is of amateurs and professionals, there is room for everyone in here! Besides, on Foap you can sell videos as well!!

9 – Earn Cash Back While Shopping Online

Rakuten is a must for everybody who loves online shopping. Companies everywhere pays this affiliate marketing business to send shoppers their way. To attract you, Rakuten offers exclusive deals to its members from over 2,500 of your favorite retailers.

When you use Rakuten to go shopping at a store, the store pays them a referral fee and a part of this goes to YOU. If you go directly to the store’s website, you won’t be able to take advantage of the deal. But when using your free Rakuten account, you can.

10 – You can Making Money From Home Selling Your Books

you can do this to every book you have lying around, even college textbooks! BookScouter is a platform that can help you do just that, selling by the best price available. All you have to do is enter the book’s ISBN number and BookScouter will search in its database for the highest paying book buyback company for that particular title. You pay nothing to ship it and, usually, once the user receives it you get your payment.

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