Cold And Flu: Know 5 Home Medicine To Treat Them

Young woman blowing nose with tissue at home

Although this home-made natural medicine that I’m about to tell you are very effective for cold and flu caused by the sudden change of weather, they are very good at boosting your immune system, so they will keep you safe from the COVID-19 as well.

1 – Vitamin C

is well known for its antioxidants properties and helping boost our immunity. You can find it on lemon, green vegetables, oranges and fruits easily. Lemon juice combined with hot water can help reduce the phlegm. These foods don’t act directly into colds or flus but they do help your immune system fight them. Besides, getting enough Vitamin C can relieve upper respiratory tract infections and other illnesses.

2 – Medicine Juice of Ginger and Honey

is one of the OLDEST home medicines used for cough and sore throat. Also, the combination works perfectly for nausea as well. The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals in ginger can kill the light rhinoviruses, which are responsible for causing cold in the first place.

Honey, you may already know, is filled with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. When you put them together, it alleviates the antimicrobial property of the mixture. A teaspoon of honey can instantly help relieve a sore throat.

Important: Don’t give honey to kids younger than 1 year old as it often contains botulinum spores and infant’s immune system aren’t able to fight these off and they can end up dead.

4 – Garglic as Medicine

contains a very important compound called allicin, which is known to have antimicrobial property, as many studies have shown. Adding garlic to your diet can help relieve cold symptoms, it is even good for tuberculosis. Having garlic in your daily diet might even help you avoid getting sick at all. If you chew some raw garlic first thing in the morning, it helps control diabetes as well. You can include garlic in anything that you cook, as your soups, but you can eat them just directly cooked on the gas.

3 – Masala chai

is a type of tea that put together adrak, black pepper, salt and tulsi leaves being great for flus and colds. Nothing beats a piping hot cup of adrak tea when you have a blocked nose.

5 – Rest as Medicine

Physical activity can raise your body temperature and because of it, the best thing for you to do is rest in order to recover and reduce fever.

There is no remedy like the other ones, but you should definitely do it. Also, drink plenty of fluids and curl up the bed to recover faster.

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