The Top Tips For Training Your Dog At Home – A MUST!

Being a pet parent can be very rewarding, but at the same time it comes with tons of responsibilities. Training your dog is very challenging, especially when you have no knowledge whatsoever on the subject. Here are a few tips on how to train your pets at home!

1# – The Place For Training Your Dog

Home is actually the best place for training because there are fewer distractions making possible for your pet to really focus on your commands.

2# – Training Time

The sessions need to be as short as possible. If you let your dog get bored, they won’t follow your commands whatsoever. For the sessions to work they need to be 10-15 minutes long, this time ensure they are being productive.

3# – Do Not Use Punishment While Training Your Dog

Punishment never worked and it won’t start now. This is only going to teach the pet to be scared of you, leading to aggressive behavior. You need to use treats to gain his confidence and reward when he follows your command. If it doesn’t just ignore it.

4# – Have Patience While Training Your Puppy

You need to be consistent, so you don’t confuse your pet’s mind. When you act inconsistently you can get in return a bad behavior. 

Have a little patience and everything is going to get along. Your pet needs to continually learn so they can keep up with their training (this needs to happen for life!)

5# – Socializing

this is only possible if the pet is vaccinated. If you live in an urban area let them see other people and dogs. If you live in a rural area, introducing your pets to farm animals is a great way to get them used to other animals. If he is too young for that, you can show them the outside world from the window only. Hearing the traffic noises and watch the postman passes by is something they really enjoy.

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